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    Creating homes through unloved property

    JDM Renovations are a family run business of property developers and investors based in South East Kent. Since 2020 we have been turning unloved properties into beautiful family homes. We primarily focus on buying, renovating and selling these properties however we have also kept some for our own buy-to-let property portfolio.

    We have been focusing on probate properties that have been empty for a number of years and require a full refurbishment. Every project we do is completed to a high standard resulting in beautiful homes for both the sale and rental market.
    We have an in-house build team with subcontractors on hand to complete any tasks outside of our remit. Every basis of a build is covered and no project is too big for us to complete.

    As a team we have built up brilliant connections with local businesses that means our project pipeline is always full. Our goals are to continue renovating homes for both the sale and rental market and build up our own buy-to-let portfolio. Over the next 3-5 years we aim to have a portfolio of 30 rental properties alongside completing the projects to be sold. We will eventually move in to new developments as our business grows.

    If you are interested in what we do and want to be involved by investing with us then complete an enquiry form and we will get an Investor Pack sent out to you to browse. You can also follow our journey on Instagram @investinginbricks.

    What our investors say about us

    “I’m really pleased I took the opportunity to invest in JDM Renovations. Lauren took the time to talk me through the process and the return is brilliant. I will definitely continue to invest with them as it’s an easy, hands off way of earning extra money.”


    “I have invested in JDM Renovations since their inception and the returns to date have far exceeded anything I would have received from the banks. This has been an easy way to invest without having to get involved on a day to day basis.”