What investing in our business means for you

We are a family run business that established in February 2020. When we started our focus was to buy, renovate and sell (flipping) properties but this has shifted as we grow and we now do a mix of flipping and keeping properties to build a rental portfolio.​

We have completed multiple projects and have always been successful at increasing the end value of the property by a good amount. As our build team is in-house we are able to take on any type of project that we feel has enough profit in it, it allows us to keep our costs down and the end product is always done to a high specification.

We have built fantastic relationships with local Estate Agents and people within the community and we are finding ourselves being offered multiple projects at a time as we are known for keeping to the dedicated timescale, producing high quality houses and making a good return on all the projects we have completed so far.

We offer our investors a hands off way to earn up to 8% interest on their money. If you are interested in investing with us then request an information pack, or call the number listed below, and we can talk to through our projects in more detail and discuss what investment opportunities we have available.

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    What our investors say about us

    “I’m really pleased I took the opportunity to invest in JDM Renovations. Lauren took the time to talk me through the process and the return is brilliant. I will definitely continue to invest with them as it’s an easy, hands off way of earning extra money.”


    “I have invested in JDM Renovations since their inception and the returns to date have far exceeded anything I would have received from the banks. This has been an easy way to invest without having to get involved on a day to day basis.”